A scaffolding made by metal and boxes rise up towards the roof and create a metaphor of buildings and of modernist architecture, like skyscrapers and towers in big cities. It reminds us the construction of the modern city born in the western civilization.

Contributing to the artwork the Luxembourg inhabitants offered Yuan Gong an old and forgotten object representing their personal history and memory.These anonymous objects of every day life are lying inside the boxes, which seems to have a protection role for them.Remixing the culture value on the site, he built up a funny situation and humor but at the meantime he brought a new relation between them, demonstrating an harmonious integration rather than destruction.

Moreover to recall the ongoing Venice Biennale along with the main installation the scented air, also qualified as “Qi”, a key element in Chinese aesthetic will be an important part of the “200 boxes of memories”.The installation of YuanGong is made by many parts of memories, which are gathered together to form a big body of a collective memory.


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